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Forms Under Bihar Vat


Form No. Description Download
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Form- A-I Application for registration under section 19(3)
Form- A-II Application for cancellation of certificate of registration under section 20.    
Form- A-III Application for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier registered    
Form- A-IV Application for grant of tax clearance certificate under Section 42    
Form- A-V Application for refund of amount forfeited under Section 44.      
Form- A-VI Memorandum of appeal under Section 72.      
Form- A-VII Application for revision under Section 73.      
Form- A-VIII Application for refund under Section 68.      
Form- A-IX Application for provisional refund under Section 69.      
Form- A-X Application for enrolment as Sales Tax Practitioner.      
Form- A-XI Application under Section 15 - Permission to pay tax at a fixed rate.      
Form- A-XII Application for deferment under Section 96.      
Form- A-XIII Application for refund of advance deduction of tax under rule 29(2).      
Form- B-I Security Bond.       
Form- B-II Form of Indemnity Bond.    
Form- C-I Certificate of Registration.  
Form- C-II Certificate of Tax Deducted At Source.      
Form- C-III Certificate for Non-Deduction of Tax.      
Form- C-IV

Tax Clearance Certificate.

Form- C-V

Order of Refund of Tax by Adjustment.

Form- C-VI Refund Payment Order.      
Form- C-VII Authorization for Appearance before Taxing Authorities.      
Form- C-VIII Certificate for Deferment of Tax.      
Challan- I Register of Dealers permitted to pay tax under Section 15.    
Form- D-I Declaration stating name of the manager of business under Section 22.    
Form- D-II Form for Declaration of Opening Stock under Section 95.      
Form- D-III Form of Declaration under Section 13.      
Form- D-IV Form of Declaration to be issued by Transferor.      
Form- D-V Form of Declaration by to be issued by Transferee.      
Form- D-VI Form of Challan.      
Form- D-VII Form of Declaration under Section 62.      
Form- D-VIII Form of Declaration for Intra-State Movement of Goods.      
Form- D-IX Form of Declaration for bringing goods from outside the State.      
Form- D-X Form of Declaration for Transporting Goods from within the State to any place outside the State      
Form- D-XI Form of Declaration to be filed by a Registered Dealer along with Form RT-I.      
Form- RT-I Monthly Return under Section 24.      
Form- RT-II Quarterly Statement under Section 24.      
Form- RT-III

Annual Return under Section 24.

Form- RT-IV Quarterly Return to be filed by Dealers paying tax under Section 15      
Form- RT-V Statement under Section 41.      
Form- RT-VI Revised return filed under Section 24.      
Form- RT-VII Quarterly Return to be furnished by Deducting Authority under Section 41.      
Form- RT-VIII Information under Section 58.      
Form- RT-IX Form of Return to be filed by Dealers under Section 24(1).      
Form-TAR-I Form of Tax Audit Report under Section 54.      
Form-TAR-II Form of Audited Income Statement under Section 52 for:      
  Dealers who are manufacturers.      
  Dealers who are not manufacturers.      
Form-TAR-III Form of Audited Balance Sheet under Section 52 for:      
  Dealers who are companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.      
  Dealers who are not companies incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.      
Form-TAR-IV Form of detailed flow of goods under Section 52.      
Form-TAR-V Form of Trading and Profit and Loss Account under Section 52 for dealers paying tax under Section 15.      
Form-VR-I Register of Application.      
Form-VR-II Statement of Form D-III issued.      
Form-VR-III Statement of Form D-III received.      
Form-VR-IV Register of Returns.      
Form-VR-V Register of Sales Tax Practitioners enrolled under section 92 of the Bihar Value Added Tax Ordinance, 2005      
Form-VR-VI Register of Tax Clearance Certificates under Section 42.      
Form-VR-VII VAT Register under Section 52.      
Form-VR-IX Statement of Form D-VIII, DIX and D-X.      
Form-VR-X Register of Sales Tax Practitioners enrolled.       
Form-VR-XI Register of unrealizable dues under Section 92.      
Form-VR-XII Register of Dealers permitted to pay Tax under Section 15.      
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